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June 2024 Primary Election Candidates

March 5, 2024 is the Presidential Primary for Colorado. If you are registered to vote in Colorado, your ballot will be mailed to you the week of February 12th. For a sample ballot, please click here.


All remaining primary races will be held on June 25, 2024. If you are registered to vote in Colorado, your ballot will be mailed to you the week of June 3rd. THIS ELECTION IS VERY IMPORTANT AND WE URGE YOU TO VOTE!

Check your registration here. Not registered? Voters can register through Election Day! Click here for step-by-step information on registering to vote in Colorado.

Below are the Democratic candidates running for election in 2024 who have submitted their information to the Larimer County Democrats. Candidates who will be competing in the June 25 primary election are indicated with an asterisk *. We will update this page as we receive more candidate information.

Your Candidates for Larimer County


Wyatt Schwendeman-Curtis

County Clerk & Recorder

Kristin Stephens-headshot.jpeg

Kristin Stephens

County Commissioner District 2


Jody Shadduck-McNally

County Commissioner District 3

Your Candidates for State House and Senate


Lesley Smith *

House District 49

Ethnie Treick_edited.jpg

Ethnie Treick *

Woodfin Outdoor Shot.png
Sarah_M_1 (1).jpg

Max Woodfin *

House District 49

Sarah McKeen

House District 51

2022a_kipp, cathy.jpg

Yara Zokaie *

Andrew Boesenecker

Cathy Kipp

House District 52

House District 53

House District 52

Senate District 14

Your Candidates for State and Judicial Races

Your Candidates for Congress

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