Larimer County voting Information

Information on Caucus 2018:

We are working on Caucus locations for March 6th. We have 11 elementary schools in Fort Collins, 2 schools in Loveland, 1 in Berthold, and 1 in Wellington. Please stay tuned for precinct distributions to find out where your precinct will meet. Check back soon. 


Visit the Larimer County Clerk's website to

  • Register to vote
  • Check your voter registration status (and look up precinct information)

Governor John Hickenlooper signed HB13-1303, The Voter Access & Modernized Elections Act in to law on May 10, 2013. All voters in Colorado will be receive ballots in the mail. Voters will still have opportunities to vote in-person at a polling center early and on election day. The Voter Access & Modernized Elections Act eliminates the voter registration deadline and allows same-day voter registration.

How to read your Precinct Number

Precinct numbers are 10-digit numbers, such as 2145335310.
The first digit = Congressional District (2 in this example).
The second and third digits = State Senate District (14 in this example).
The third and fourth digits = State House District (53 in this example).
The fifth and sixth digits = County (Larimer is 35).
The last three digits = Precinct (310 in this example.)

Precincts are redrawn every 10 years during reapportionment. A precinct is approximately 1,000 registered voters.